Water and wastewater services across the regions of the West Bohemia

Water and wasterwater company Vodakva

The joint stock Water and Wastewater Company Vodárny a kanalizace Karlovy Vary (Vodakva) was established by privatizing the former state company in 1994. However, its history dates back to 1882 when the first municipal water and wastewater company of Karlovy Vary was formed. In twenty years, Vodakva has considerably expanded its activities in the region. Nowadays, covered by a long term exclusive lease, the company provides about 100 municipalities across the regions of West Bohemia (i.e., 190,000 inhabitants) with water and wastewater treatment system operation, maintenance; renewal and development services. Most of these municipalities are members of The Water Management Association of the West Bohemia Region. Besides this main activity, Vodakva offers its customers water and wastewater utilities design and construction, laboratory water analysis, pipeline inspection and reconstruction, etc. The two principal shareholders sharing the management of the company are the Water Management Association of the West Bohemia Region and the international group SUEZ.
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