Laboratory analysis

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 Březová Laboratory is the central laboratory of Vodakva. It performs physicochemical and bacteriological analyses of drinking, surface, ground water and wastewater. The laboratory's main activity is to check the quality of drinking water during its production, from ground sources and during its distribution throughout the water supply network to customers. The laboratory also controls the cleaning processes of wastewater and their quality at the moment of discharge in the receiving bodies.

The laboratory has set up a quality control system according to Czech and European standard ISO/IEC 17025, approved by the Czech Institute of Accreditation (Accreditation of laboratory n° 1443).The laboratory is regularly inspected by both of these institutions. To perform analyses the laboratory uses standard methods and equipment.

The laboratory offers:

Analysis and sampling of drinking water:

• Analysis of drinking water according to Regulation n° 252/2004
• Analysis of bathing water according to Regulation n° 238/2011
• Analysis of hot water according to Regulation n° 252/2004
• Analysis of raw groundwater or surface water for individual supply

Analysis and sampling of wastewater

• Analysis of all types of wastewater and sewage in accordance with valid regulations
• Biological analysis of activated sludge

Sample collecting and receiving

Sample tests for customers are performed on the basis of written orders. Samples of drinking water and wastewater must be collected in special containers only. An accompanying form has to be filled out in order to obtain proper identification. Both forms and containers are available at Březová Laboratory or the Central Control Room of Vodakva. Containers must be delivered to the Laboratory. In case of your interest, the Laboratory staff can also collect samples for an extra charge.