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In the area operated by Vodakva, there is a lack of underground water resources of good enough quality. Therefore, drinking water is mostly made from the surface water sources (87%); the rest (13%) is from underground water. Vodakva operates 26 water treatment plants, the most important of these are: Březová (Stanovice Reservoir), Žlutice (Žlutice Reservoir), Svobodka (Lučina Reservoir), Milíkov (Mže River) and Myslivny (Myslivny Reservoir).

Most important water treatment plants

Name of WTP Water source Maximum design capacity (l/s) Construction year Note
ÚV Březová nádrž Stanovice 650 1982  reconstruction 2012 - 2016
ÚV Žlutice nádrž Žlutice 180 1966 intensification 1986
ÚV Svobodka nádrž Lučina 135 1968 intensification 1982 - 1987
ÚV Milíkov řeka Mže 65 1999  
ÚV Myslivny nádrž Myslivny 35 1952 reconstruction 1997