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The drinking water quality is carefully monitored during the whole treatment and distribution process. Water safety and cleanliness requirements are set by hygienic limits of microbiological, biological, physical, chemical and organoleptic standards. These limits as well as the requirements for control analysis are set by the legislation – the Ministry of Public Health Notice n°252/2004, in accordance with the European legislation.

The Vodakva‘s certified laboratory, equipped with modern devices and advanced computer technologies, controls if hygienic standards in the drinking water are met. The laboratory has implemented the quality management system according to amended norm ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018. This system is regularly inspected by the Czech Institute of Accreditation (Accreditation n° 1443). About 60 – 70 parameters are monitored in drinking water. Test results are submitted without delay by e-mail to public health protection authorities that supervise the quality of supplied drinking water and also perform random controls.